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The third chapter (some say added later) alludes to the destruction of the Second Temple, caused by unjustifiable hatred. Likewise, Judah has been exiled and dwells in servitude among the nations, while Zion sits in mourning and desolation, missing the myriad pilgrims who would swarm her gates.

CHAPTER TWO In broad strokes, the prophet pictures the glory of Israel thrown from Heaven to the ground. The prophet pictures children dying of hunger, begging their mothers for food, before expiring on their mothers' bosom.There is no comparison in history to comfort you with, proclaims the prophet. False prophets lulled us into a false sense of security.Their tongues stuck to their throats in thirst and no one gives them bread.The pampered children who were used to delicacies are now picking in the garbage dump. The victims of the sword were better off than those who starved to death in agony. The nations and their kings could not believe their eyes.CHAPTER FOUR This chapter begins with another description of Jerusalem's destruction.

The gold was tarnished, the shine of the Temple darkened.

They had just fought a bloody battle with many casualties (without air cover) and were the first Jews to touch the Wall in almost 20 years.

The story is told of two secular soldiers who couldn't understand what everyone was crying over.

Their bodies so ravaged by hunger as to be unrecognizable. The blind trip over corpses in the street and are covered with blood.

The Jewish people waited in vain for their allies (Egypt) to come to their aid.

"This is the event we have waited for and have finally gotten to see." The Jews beseech the Almighty: "Look at what You have done!