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Glad that classes were over, always so horny, especially in the summer, it was more difficult concentrating on her studies then.

She remembered last summer and the summer before, she went nowhere and did nothing.It's such a travesty to live close to such an exciting and historic city as Boston and not want to explore it, but it's no fun doing things alone.* Alone with her thoughts of making love to another woman, kissing her, touching her, feeling her, holding her, being kissed and touched by her, Janice's frustration with her lack of a sexual life was unbearable.She didn't want to spend, yet, another summer alone.Handicapped by judgmental criticisms of arbitrarily accepted norms and discriminated against by a puritanical society, she should be allowed to live her life in the way she wanted to live it without apologies to anyone.

What she does with her body is none of anyone's business but her and her lover.Some prefer to simply follow an individual's self-definition or identity.See homosexuality and bisexuality for criteria that have traditionally denoted lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.From kissing their lips, to slowly stripping them naked, to exploring every inch of their naked bodies, to feeling and sucking their tits, to licking and fingering their pussies, and/or just lying in bed sharing intimate laughter and sexy conversations, while basking in the afterglow of hot sex, she had fantasized about nearly every woman on campus, mostly the good looking ones.Once a model and a beauty queen, she was just as shallow as the horny men were, when it came to choosing a tall, shapely, and beautiful woman over a short, obese, and homely one.This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual.