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Below runs a scene from the movie in which an enterprising gentlemen decides to suspend disbelief vis-à-vis Tutti’s outlandish tale of time-traveling from the 20th century and make a few bucks based on his new friend’s knowledge of the game.

6:3 is an excellent addition to the sub-subgenre of science-fiction sports movies – unless the whole thing should be more properly pigeonholed under the banner of magical realism.Our hero Tutti is obsessed with Hungary’s fabled “Golden Team” of football lore, the country’s only World Cup finalist to date, and is particular that game still noted as the greatest in Hungarian sports history: On November 25, 1953, this national side went to Wembley Stadium and tore apart Team England in front of 105,000 spectators by the titular score.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Egon, a kezdő űrkutató Döncivel, a kétbalkezes macskájával él egy gyönyörű távoli bolygón.Lovable inventor Egon, lives on a bucolic alien planet with his bulbous cat Donci.

When Voyager 3 crashes near his house-farm-observatory, Egon is inspired to take a trip to the solar system we know and love.

And unlike the Strugatsky brothers of Soviet Russia or Stanislaw Lem of Poland, Hungary’s top name in the genre at the time, Petér Zsoldos, has been mostly ignored outside the borders.

Things are looking up, though: With more money being funneled into the Hungarian film industry and new ideas being given credence, filmmakers here have produced a number of notable short and full-length science-fiction films.

I particularly liked Egon’s exquisitely textured ranch and the truly awe-inspiring scenes of outer space (leaning much more towards art than science in terms of accuracy).

The character design was pretty unappealing to my taste, with both heroes reminding me of mascots for children’s cereal.

Below are listed a few recent(ish) favorites as well as a couple to look out for in the near future.