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A cryptarithm (also known as an alphametic) is a puzzle in which the digits of a mathematical formula (typically addition of two large numbers) are replaced by letters; the goal is to determine which letter stands for which digits. I use Mathematica to construct zonotopes and display zonohedra. Mathematica in Education and Research 5 (4): 15–21, 1996. Every community needs these risk-taking, crazy people who are willing to buck trends and try things that may actually be terrible ideas.

As one of the language's designers, seeing things actually working for people makes a very strong case for what should become part of Sass's core feature set.Or maybe they point towards features that make it easier to extend Sass's syntax in a more natural way. Finally, when you look at a some concept that causes you to scratch your head, you can actually read the implemenation. I think this is actually the key to Sass's success. Every single Sass feature is simply a formalization of what developers had already been doing.Initially, Sass features simplified what developers were doing in CSS, or in templating languages on top of CSS, and simply put a nice abstraction on top of existing patterns that we saw in use every day.The fact that a little bit of that complexity is accessible to you instead being neatly tucked away across a language barrier, doesn't make things inherently less maintainable. Strong abstractions are stable and don't need updates very often, so even if the code is complex, that's ok.

As long as it presents a coherent, well-tested API, you will have a codebase that is usually more maintainable one the whole.Find station information, search timetables and book tickets to and from Eppstein.With 87 train companies in and across 24 European countries including Deutsche Bahn, see where you can go from Eppstein with Trainline today.As Sass has progressed, we have turned that eye of simplification onto Sass itself.Recently, some Sass features have been added to simplify the Sass code we saw people writing every day and the language's expressiveness has continued to increase.I would encourage people who have tried to do something in your Sass project only to discover that it turned out to be a net negative, .