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She suggested Court's comments perpetuated a world where LGBT children were bashed, bullied and committed suicide because of intolerance.'How much blood will be on Margaret's hands because kids will continue to get beaten for being different? Navratilova said while Court was entitled to her opinion, free speech did not mean freedom from consequences of what she said.'We should not be celebrating this kind of behaviour, this kind of philosophy.

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Two tennis greats: One is openly gay and champions LGBT rights, the other has become an ordained (and outspoken) Christian minister since retiring.

Now they are engaged in a week-long battle after retired Australian tennis star Margaret Court made a string of 'racist and homophobic' insults about a lesbian player who had a child with her partner.

In the letter, 74-year-old Court, who once praised apartheid, said diverse families were 'engineering social norms'.

Navratilova (left) kicked off a week-long war of words with Court (right) over her 'racist and homophobic' comments.

Your child can just start to think 'Well maybe I am a girl', when they're a boy, or 'Maybe I'm a boy and I'm a girl'.'Court also pointed out that her beloved sport tennis is now 'full of lesbians'.'Even when I was playing there was only a couple there, but those couple that led, that took young ones into parties and things... Following her controversial statements, tennis legend Martina Navratilova lashed out at the 74-year-old church pastor's 'sick and dangerous' comments on gays in tennis and transgender children.

The Czech star said she forgave Court for saying she was a bad role model as she was lesbian in 1990, but her recent comments were 'sick and dangerous'.The other women to do so are Doris Hart and Martina Navratilova.She was known for her long reach and height, playing with an effective overhead shot. Upon retiring, Court, who was raised Roman Catholic, gained a theological qualification from the Rhema Bible Training Centre.In 1991, she was ordained as an independent Pentecostal minister and later founded Margaret Court Ministries.As a minister, Court has long been critical of LGBT rights and has maintained the belief that homosexuality and abortion are abominations by god.American tennis legend Martina Navratilova then kicked off a war of words with the Australian when she lashed out at the 74-year-old church pastor's 'sick and dangerous' comments on gays in tennis.