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This tool validates your XML document as and when you type. It also has an HTML viewer to preview web pages built with XML.You can create three types of schemas that include XSD, DTD, and External Data Representation (XDR).

Most of the desktop XML tools provide this feature.To perform a quick format of XML content without installing any XML tools, try one of these online services. XML editors can help you clearly interpret your XML document with color highlights for elements, attributes, or plain text and indented content.This tools can load very large documents (that are hundreds of megabytes and even gigabytes in size).Other features include: XML Editor is a full-featured XML IDE with support for an array of XML-related operations.You can choose from several IDEs with a variety of supported features. XMLSpy is an XML IDE for authoring, editing, and debugging XML, XML schema, XSL/XSLT, XQuery, WSDL, and SOAP.

Additional features include: XML Marker is an XML editor that uses a synchronized table-tree and text display to show you a hierarchal and a tabular view of your XML data.It is a free tool and includes the XMLDiff tool that you can use to compare two XML files. Large files can be loaded into the tool for manipulation easily.Its features are: XRay XML Editor is a free XML IDE.Another advantage of using XML editors is that they have context-oriented options, such as the tree view which enables a user to traverse the various nodes of an XML document easily.They also validate and present you with warnings and errors when you don't close XML tags properly. XSLT transformations are useful in converting one form of XML to another using stylesheets.Additional features are: XMLmind, a multi-featured XML editor based on Java technology, is available for multiple platforms.